most important words in a foreign language

What do you want?

My youngest daughter recently posed a devilish question to me (the type that only children seem to do). If you could only learn 10 words of a foreign language what words would they be? It is tricky and I wonder if you agree with our answer or, indeed, if you can improve on it. In the end we distilled it down to 5 words and they are:

“I would like this, please”.

Useful in shops and restaurants and all sorts of situations. You won’t be able to explain the economic situation in Europe, discuss Einstein’s Theory or wax lyrical about Britain’s Olympic achievements – but for five words (working alongside your pointing finger) they are extremely helpful. So if you don’t learn anything else, learn these words. We have translated them into 4 top destination languages below.

English: I would like this please.
French: Je voudrais cela, s’il vous plaît
German: Ich würde dies gerne, bitte
Spanish: Me gustaría que esta, por favor
Italian: Io vorrei questo, per favour

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Watch the video to see how easy it is to make sentences – even if you’re  beginner:

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