The Best Board in Britain teaches foreign languages!


We are very proud to say that KLOO has been recognised by ToyTalk as Britain’s Best Board or Card game. This is great news for the language learning community. It means that language teachers have a resource that happens to be the best in category against all comers – not just language games. To win top prize, KLOO had to beat off stiff competition from the giants of the games industry including the likes of Raveneberger’s “Labyrinth”, Gibsons “Mission Earth” and Imagination Games’ “Ruckus”.  It is a great achievement for a game that is educational to win an award that is for enjoyment and fun. ToyTalk’s judging panel said:

ToyTalk Reviewers’ comments: “Our children quickly started to pick up some French language skills when playing the game… Although the educational elements are obviously strong, this still feels like a game and the kids were happy to play it… The production values are very high, the game is a pleasure to play.”


“Best Board Game” makes a great language resource

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KLOO makes language learning fun

To succeed in language learning you need to choose effective tools and they need to be fun to retain interest. We are completely thrilled therefore that KLOO has been adjudged the Best Board or Card Game.

To see why we won this award. Watch, for instance, how easy it is to make foreign sentences in French with our special KLOO cards. Even absolute beginners can make sentences in seconds. Really!

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