Best way to acquire a second language – Part 1

Use foreign words to label household items

Research has shown that the level of language “input” is an important factor in how well you learn your new language. On the other hand, setting aside daily dedicated study time can be difficult. One trick, therefore, is to make your second language a part of everyday life – so that learning becomes automatic and easy.

Over the coming days Language Pie will post 5 methods to get everyday exposure to your new language and power boost your learning. We have used all of these techniques and they work. For this first tool you need a pen, paper, scissors and some sticky tape!

Language Method No 1 – if it doesn’t move – label it

Write foreign words onto pieces of paper and stick them onto common household items – such as mirrors, doors, the fridge, a table, a chair etc. Whenever you see that item, say the word. This is a simple and effective way to build your vocabulary of everyday items.

Once you have learned the basic words create new stickers with complete sentences such as “I see the fridge” ; “I open the door”, “I turn on the light”. Say it every time as you complete the action so it all happens in context, every day.

Learn Spanish words by labeling items

Use KLOO cards to learn Spanish words

You can use your KLOO word cards to build up vocabulary in French and Spanish. You can use the cards of everyday items to stick on items.

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