Fun Foreign Language Resources make the difference

Make Language Learning Fun with Games

Have fun together and learn together

A time for honesty. Learning a foreign language can be difficult and, well, tedious. You shouldn’t say it – but for many people it is.

Learning vocabulary by rote has to be one of the world’s most mind numbing activities – right up there with ironing shirts. Technical grammar can make your brain hurt. By the time you get to conjugations you are screaming “is this absolutely necessary!”.

Luckily, the answer is no! This is not necessary!

If you are experiencing all or any of these feelings – stop – take a deep breath. I want to tell you that there are other ways. Ways which are more productive AND more fun.

Putting fun into learning a second language

FUN is a hugely important factor in language learning but often overlooked. Many people give up learning a second language because it becomes a chore. However if you enjoy it, you do it more. The more you do it, the more you learn.

When you realise that many fun techniques can also be much more effective (and I mean 2, 3, 4 and 5 times more effective), this has to be a no-brainer. So look for products that make language fun. You’re much more likely to stay with the programme and reach your goal. Check out the Language Resources Feature Guide to help you identify language tools that have in built fun.

Of course making language a game will make it fun for sure. We recommend KLOO French and Spanish Language Games. It’s not one game but 16 games with Discovery Learning built in. That makes it super effective too.

Watch how easy it is to have fun together and learn.

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